2013 Faculty Senate Election Slate
Statements are optional and at the discretion of the candidate.

Seven Senators-at-Large 
Dave Braunschweig
I'm an associate professor in Computer Information Systems.  I've been at Harper full-time for 11 years now, and I'm also a Harper graduate from 1992.  I've served as a senator for eight years, and I maintain the Faculty Senate web site.

My vocational strengths are in information systems, management, and teaching.  In that regard, I believe I am able to provide a valuable perspective to the Senate as we endeavor to work with the administration to achieve the best possible environment for faculty, students, and staff.

It would be an honor to continue representing all faculty as we look ahead to 2014 and contract negotiations in 2015.
Greg ClemonsI hold the rank of Professor and serve as Chair of the Dept. of Music.  I have a substantial record of service in my 14 years on the Harper faculty.  That service included being a member of the contract negotiation team during our contentious, but victorious, contract negotiations in 2006.  For the last 13 years, I have served as a Harper representative to SURS where I have chaired the benefits subcommittee.  I also serve on the Executive Committee for the Illinois Community College Faculty Association where I chair the ICCFA Scholarship Program.  I am a strong advocate of shared governance and will work diligently to protect our contract while ensuring the classroom excellence that has become the hallmark of a Harper College education.  I believe I can offer an important historical perspective while representing my faculty colleagues on the Faculty Senate.
Monica Edwards 
Travaris HarrisAs a current Senate Representative, I have enjoyed being a part of faculty governance. I have the reputation of being  fair, taking on challenging assignments, fighting for the faculty voice to be heard, and not being afraid to state an opinion, even when faced with opposition.

In an effort to ensure that more Faculty input was received, I previously served on the Senate Perceptions Subcommittee. It is of utmost importance to me that faculty be preeminent within the emerging governance structure while providing a vehicle for a more unified voice on issues affecting both faculty and students.

With the end of my term fast approaching, I would like to continue to represent all faculty as a Senator. I have cultivated a unique perspective resulting from more than a decade of interactions with faculty across the College.  If elected, I will work diligently to consider and support all faculty concerns.
Leslye HessI am an Associate Professor, & Coordinator of the Radiologic Technology Program, with a dual appointment in history. I have been at Harper since 1998, fulltime since 2004. I have had the privilege to serve as Senator-at-Large since 2009. Throughout my tenure at Harper College, I have continued to be a strong supporter of the College and the shared governance process, by serving  on the Teaching & Learning Committee, Learning Communities, and other numerous committees.  Being part of the Faculty Senate has demonstrated my commitment and dedication to the College. I will continue to provide support in the future. Thank you.
Roger House
It’s not a good age to be a teacher.  If I were entering college now, teaching would be my last profession of choice.  Colleagues face cuts and losses in their contracts and regularly get besieged by public opinion.  At Harper, we’re fortunate to have a strong faculty union with practical and competent leadership; we’ve had much success with the administration securing fair contract provisions and maintaining an academic and professional campus.  This is still a second-to-none place to work even after my ten-year tenure!  There are always campus issues, policies, and procedures to be reconsidered, and I want to ensure everyone’s voice is heard in the Senate.  But I am also running to support the current directions of our Senate leadership.  When we speak with one united voice and stand as one united group, we’ll continue to have the greatest impact on the future of Harper College.
Tara Mathien
I am a faculty member in the Early Childhood Education department. Being a newly tenured faculty member, I have a fresh perspective and excitement that would be well-served as a Senator-at-Large. My track record at Harper has proven that I am an active and energetic participant throughout the Harper community. Last spring, I filled in for Wendy Mertes’ senate position while she was on sabbatical. I was honored to have that opportunity and appreciate the chance to serve my own term for the first time. I am currently the coordinator of the ECE department, co-chair of Diversity committee, and faculty advisor for the Student Education Association. Throughout these roles, I have insight into faculty and student concerns and would honor the opportunity to represent them. I am excited for the opportunity to bring a new voice and perspective to this role.
Bhasker Moorthy
During my seven year tenure at Harper College, my primary focus has been in expanding, improving, and promoting our Astronomy Program which entails developing courses, hiring, evaluating, and mentoring instructors, adopting and creating innovative instructional materials and methods, assessing learning outcomes, managing the Henize Observatory and outreach programs, advising the Astronomy Club, and helping students pursue science beyond Harper.  I have also actively participated in various campus-wide initiatives, some with quick payoffs such as the Faculty Retreat Committee and the Green/Recycling Subcommittee and others which aim for long-term transformation such as the Diversity Committee, DREAM, and the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. Since my first day at Harper, when we were preparing for a strike, I have admired the Faculty Senate for being courageous, cohesive, and reasonable. I believe I have now gained enough background and experience to contribute meaningfully to the body that has served us all so well.  
Judy Nitsch 
Perry PollockI am asking for your support as a candidate for the Senator-at-Large position.  My employment at Harper dates back 23 years when I began my teaching career as an adjunct.  I was hired in 1999 as a full-time faculty member.  I am currently an Associate Professor and the Chair of the Art Department.

My tenure at Harper has provided me insight and perspective on the challenges that our faculty and students face on a regular basis.  These challenges can only be met through a strong faculty voice.  If elected, I will work hard to contribute to the collective welfare of our students and faculty across all divisions of the College.

Thank you for your consideration.
Bobby SummersMy name is Bobby Summers. I am seeking reelection as Senator-at-Large. I wish to continue my role as one of the representative for faculty at Harper. I believe that I have been a faithful steward of the trust and responsibility that you bestowed on me as Faculty Senator. I humbly ask for your vote in the upcoming election. I know that you have a choice and that you wish to send individuals to the Faculty Senate who advocate for the strength of our union and the academic freedom of our faculty. If reelected, I will remain diligent in my efforts on behalf of all faculty at Harper College. I am always available to help a colleague. I will continue to provide highlights of the Faculty Senate meetings to all faculty members and I will always raise my voice for our shared goals and concerns. Thank you for your consideration.
Jessica Walsh
I joined the Harper faculty in 2002.  I’m a member of the English department.  I grew up in a union household and chose Harper in part because of its strong union.  I truly believe we are all better when we stand together.  As a senator at large, I hope to continue to represent the interests of all members of this unbelievably impressive faculty.  Aside from teaching, I write poetry, hang out with my family, and run for long periods of time very slowly.

AEE Division Senator 
Marjorie Allen
RFL Division Senator 
Amy Kammerman

StuDev Division Senator
Kathi Nevels
WHP Division Senator 
Pardess Mitchell

Two Tenure Committee Members 
Robin JamesMy name is Robin James, Management faculty (BUS/SS).  I am a newly tenured faculty at Harper College.  I am running for the position of Tenure Committee Faculty at Large.  As a newly tenured faculty, I have successfully completed the process of tenure and fully understand the work and dedication to excellence in teaching (and learning) at Harper College.   In my role as committee member, I seek to be objective, honest and fair in assessing the qualities and contributions of other faculty members.  I believe my contributions will provide the committee with current insights to the challenges and obstacles that faculty face today. I embrace the opportunity to mentor, coach and assist others in their tenure process.    I look forward to working with others that share the same goals of scholarly success!!

Your vote will allow me to help others join the ranks of tenured faculty at Harper College!!

Thank you!!
Andy KidwellI have served on the tenure committee in the past and enjoy serving my colleagues as a strong faculty advocate in this capacity.  Institutional tenure committee work centers around guidance of our new faculty and maintaining our high standards of performance and student service.  I appreciate your vote for this position.
Wendy Mertes 

BUS/SS Instititutional Promotions Committee Member 
Bobby Summers
StuDev Instititutional Promotions Committee Member 
Kris Hoffhines