2014 Faculty Senate Election Slate
Statements are optional and at the discretion of the candidate.

Tom Dowd
Vice President  
Bobby Summers I am pleased to ask for your vote for Vice-President of the Harper Faculty Senate.  I have a proven track record of both strong communication with the faculty and advocacy for the rights of faculty and students.  I also recently completed Union Steward Training with the Labor Education Project.  If elected, I will build on the strengths of our union and promote accountability, consistency, and transparency.  We have many challenges in the days ahead and together we can meet them directly and continue to foster a union and a college that is open, democratic, and inclusive.
Grievance Officer  
Travaris Harris I enthusiastically join this slate of candidates who are seeking election to the Faculty Senate Executive Board. I strongly believe this group of individuals provides a distinct set of skills that will complement one another and work effectively toward representing a collective point of view on behalf of Harper College Faculty. I firmly believe that my experience as a senator, along with my prior and ongoing coursework focused on labor education, makes me a viable candidate who is prepared to represent my colleagues as a Union steward. I welcome the opportunity to speak about my candidacy in greater detail.
Andy Kidwell
Jeannine Lombardi I am asking for your vote for Faculty Senate Secretary.   As a member of the New Faculty Course Committee, the Tenure Committee, the P-20 Strategic Team and the Strategic Plan Champion Team I have continuously advocated for the rights of both faculty and students.  I believe my strong organization skills and effective communication skills will help me to serve you as Faculty Senate Secretary.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to represent my faculty colleagues as a member of the Faculty Senate Executive Board.
Three Local 1600 House Delegates and Alternates  
James Gramlich
Sean Noonan I’ve been a delegate to the Local 1600 House since 2006.  I have knowledge and experience in the workings of Local 1600.   I’ve spoken out in opposition to unnecessary concessions and so-called performance pay in Local 1600 contracts.  I have contacts in the Illinois Federation of Teachers, the CTU, SEIU, and AFSCME.  I’ve co-authored a research report for the CTU.  I also have contacts with various social justice groups throughout the Chicagoland region.  These connections make me a strong advocate for Harper faculty inside Local 1600 and in labor and social justice circles across Chicagoland. 
Three Senators-at-Large
Anne Abasolo As the outgoing Faculty Senate Secretary,  I am thankful I have had the opportunity to serve the Faculty and would like to continue my involvement by running for a Faculty at Large Senate seat.   As unions continue to be under attack, I think it is important now more than ever that we stay informed, connected and unified.  I’d like to honor those in the past that gave us this voice to use in our day to day work by making sure that all Faculty members continue to have this opportunity.
 Jim Edstrom  
 Monica Edwards I have served as a semester long proxy senator, and I have for the past few months been one of the delegates to local 1600.  I was almost elected once J and hope that my work on the ground to better our lives on campus as a collective will eventually get me actually elected!

It’s an important time right now; solidarity building is necessary work that should begin yesterday, today, and tomorrow, so that we can go into our negotiations strong.

Voting for me means you are voting for someone who knows, and has, what it takes.
Tara MathienAs an assistant professor and coordinator of the ECE department, my track record has proven that I’m an active and energetic participant throughout the Harper community. I’m currently the Chair of the Student Success Policy Council and serve on the Diversity & Inclusion committee. In addition, I’m faculty advisor for Harper SEA. Through these roles I have insight into faculty and student concerns and would honor the opportunity to represent them. I pride myself on being trustworthy and will stand up for what is right. I am excited for the opportunity to bring a new voice to this role.
 Sean Noonan I’ve taught Sociology at Harper since 2002. I have been on Faculty Senate since 2006.  I have served as:
•       Senator and Co-chair of the strike committee in 2006
•       Vice President of the Faculty Senate since 2008
•       Key member of negotiations team for two contract extensions and several MOUs
•       Chair of Chairs/Coordinators committee
•       Senate Exec representative on College Assembly, Grievance and Insurance committees  
•       Editor of (and contributing author to) the Faculty Senate newsletter 
•       Member of Local 1600 House of Delegates
•       Co-author of research report for the Chicago Teachers Union

I am a strong advocate for faculty as professionals and as unionists.
 Stephany Rimland I will be a valuable member of the Faculty Senate, given my deep concern over diminishing faculty rights and my commitment to expressing those concerns.  My experience as a Liberal Arts Division Senator along with my long-standing service to the Professional Development Committee has provided me with a background of the issues facing our faculty. Indeed, in petitions or in Senator reports, I have shared faculty perspectives on issues as varied as privatizing our campus resources and eroding our professional-development opportunities. These experiences have strengthened my commitment to  a genuine faculty collective that communicates with and serves its members fairly.
BUS/SS Division Senator  
James Gramlich  
CTP Division Senator  
Sam Giordano Sam Giordano, Associate Professor and Harper College full-time Faculty since October 2002, is the Department Coordinator for Fire Science Technology and Emergency-Disaster Management programs. Sam has been an energetic Harper Faculty Senator since 2006, representing the HC/PS, TMS, CP and CTP Divisions during his four terms. In addition, he has been an on-going member of numerous faculty ad hoc communities at Harper College.  Moreover, Sam is on the Executive Board for the Illinois Community College Faculty Association as well as the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association. As a Firefighter and Paramedic since 1975, Sam is still active in the Fire Service.
LIB ARTS Division Senator  
John Garcia I have been a member of the Philosophy Department for the past eight years, and have tried my best to work closely with colleagues in the department and the Liberal Arts division.  I have been a Senator once before, but it has been a few years. I think the job of a division Senator is to reach out to the facultu in our division, seeking input and communicating it to the Senate, and keeping the division awaare of what is going on with campus-wide faculty issues.  I would appreciate the opportunity to represent Liberal Arts in this capacity.  Thank you.
MS Division Senator  
Abigail Bailey
 Bhasker Moorthy I have been a faculty member in the Physical Sciences Department for 8 years.  Besides strengthening our astronomy program and serving students, I have been a part of various committees and initiatives within the college.  Since my first day at Harper, when we were preparing for a strike, I have admired the Faculty Senate for being courageous, cohesive, and reasonable.  I believe I have now gained enough background and experience to contribute meaningfully to the body that has served us all so well.
Two Tenure Committee Members  
Kathy Fischer Harper seeks excellence by recruiting and retaining outstanding teachers!  Help me; help others by your vote: Kathy Fischer, for tenure committee, faculty at large.
I joined Harper’s faculty in 2009, successfully gained tenure, and last year accomplished early promotion. As your tenure representative I pledge that I will be objective, support and mentor new faculty, and do what is best for Harper.
Harper has an outstanding community reputation shaped by the dedication and passion of our employees that lead and mentor others.  I look forward to become a member of this committee.
Thank you for your consideration.
Kathy Fischer
Roger House I appreciate your support for Tenure Committee.  After ten years of working here, I’m running because I think the job of the Tenure Committee is to protect the current process of awarding tenure at Harper and to continue to maintain the high expectations we have of our new hires.  It is crucial that the faculty have a strong voice to protect our interests in discussions of awarding tenure or not, and I look forward to supporting new faculty and helping promote high quality teaching and learning at Harper College.
Robin James My name is Robin James, tenured faculty in the Business Administration Department.    I have successfully completed the process of tenure and fully understand the work and dedication to excellence in teaching (and learning) at Harper College.   As a newly elected committee member, I seek to be objective, honest and fair in assessing the qualities and contributions of other faculty members.  I believe my contributions will positively foster a climate of collegiality amongst all faculty in advancing teaching excellence.

Your vote will allow me to help others join the ranks of tenured faculty at Harper College!!

Thank you!!

CTP Institutional Promotions Committee Member  
Sue Bajt It has been my privilege to serve on the Institutional Promotions Committee, and I would be honored to continue to serve faculty. As a Professor in CIS, I was Coordinator for eight years and have taught fulltime since 1995. I have been a Faculty Senator for four years, served on numerous institutional committees, including the HLC Reaccreditation Steering Committee, as well as on the divisional promotions committee for five years. My experience has provided me insight into the promotions process so I may effectively support faculty. I am humbly asking for your vote so I may continue in this role!
Kelly Taylor  
LIB ARTS Institutional Promotions Committee Member  
Stephany Rimland Thank you for considering my candidacy for the Institutional Promotions Committee. As a chair and longstanding member of the Professional Development and Assessment Committee, I have used the opportunity to promote all of the valuable scholarship and professional development that our faculty engage in— beyond their busy course loads and institutional obligations. I was also a member of a Faculty Senate sub-committee that reviewed the transparency of the Promotions process. I feel strongly that my experiences and insights would benefit the Institutional Promotions Committee and protect faculty ability to pursue meaningful educational experiences and projects.
RFL Institutional Promotions Committee Member  
William Pankey  
 Stu Dev Institutional Promotions Committee Member  
 Kathy Hanahan