2016 Faculty Senate Election Slate
Statements are optional and at the discretion of the candidate.

Three Senators-at-Large
Anne AbasoloAs a current Senator of the Harper College Faculty Senate, it has been an honor for me to represent the Faculty. As we move forward, I would like to use my 6 years of Faculty Senate Executive Board experience and 2 years of Senate experience in these uncertain times.  As difficult as it may be, we need to stay unified and use the voice that many Union predecessors sacrificed to give us. I would like to continue to be one of these voices.  As a candidate for the Faculty at Large Senate position, I am asking for your vote.
 Jim Edstrom 
 Kim FournierOne of the most important responsibilities we have, as faculty, is to seize opportunities that strengthen our Union, protect and further our rights, and bring to us together.  As RFL Senator from 2005-2013, I guided the work of the 2006-2007 Senate Climate and Senate Strategic Planning subcommittees.  Both endeavors strengthened the faculty voice.  I run again because I see a need, an opportunity, to rebuild unity.  Notable Harper work: HLC Team 3 (2015-present); Curriculum (2011-2015); Tenure (2012-2015); Institutional Promotions (2012); Teaching & Learning (2008-2012); Institutional Planning (2002-2008, co-chair & secretary); Copyright and Intellectual Property (2006); Graduation (2002-2005) and Diversity (2000-2003). 
Richard Johnson
Sunil KoswattaI have been a senator, a member of a negotiating team, a member of a unity team, a member of senate subcommittees on climate and on Faculty Handbook. I was the first faculty coordinator of the Department of Instructional Technology and the second recipient of the Glenn Reich award.  I walked the picket lines during our only strike and opened my house to faculty who needed rest.  We are facing unprecedented challenges now and we need to be vigilant, proactive, and professional in our responses.  I will work hard to create unified and hopefully effective responses to all these challenges.
 David RichmondI am thrilled to be back at Harper and I would welcome the chance to use my many years of Union experience and connections to Organized Labor on your behalf once again in the Faculty Senate. I hope I have earned your support. Peace
 Andrew Wilson I have no faith in divisive rancor.  Rather, I sense that we need -- now more than ever -- to galvanize faculty unity.  I do not believe our Senate leadership has failed us. Rather, and on the contrary, the Senate has always been with us and for us, in my view.  If honored with an at-large position, I will keep an open mind and a wide-open heart -- listening, attempting in earnest to repair the fissures that have, this past year, erupted across our campus. We must come together; with modesty, I submit that I can help us do precisely that. 
BUS/SS Division Senator 
Dawn McKinley 
CTP Division Senator 
Sue BajtAs a full-time faculty member of the CIS department, I have served multiple terms as BUS/SS Division Senator. I am currently serving as Co-Chair of the Institutional Promotions Committee and have contributed ideas towards changes in the process to help faculty be promoted. I serve on the Integrative Learning Committee and on its research subcommittee I participated in the summer Jenkins book group sessions with Dr. Ender and other faculty, as well as in multiple SPA meetings. As an HLC Peer Reviewer, I’m providing support for our HLC teams. It would be my honor to serve as CTP Division Senator! 
LIB ARTS Division Senator 
Kris Piepenburg
MS Division Senator 
Theresa Kong
Two Tenure Committee Members 
Dan Ranieri
Jane Suarez del Real

BUS/SS Institutional Promotions Committee Member 
Veronica Mormino