2017 Faculty Senate Election Slate
Statements are optional and at the discretion of the candidate.

David RichmondFor the past 15 years Harper faculty have trusted me with a variety of Senate leadership positions. I am honored and humbled by this trust. I am asking you to extend that same trust to the team of faculty who are running to serve with me. Bobby, Lisa, Andy, and Jeannine are an exceptional combination of veteran leadership and new ideas, career and transfer faculty. They have the knowledge, energy, and teamwork to represent all of us during difficult times. We know that the issues that unite us will always be stronger than any questions that may temporarily divide us.
Vice President 
Kris PiepenburgAs Vice President, I will work collaboratively with the President, Executive Committee, Senators, and all faculty, in a culture of openness, responsiveness, and inclusiveness, with the goals of supporting faculty, strengthening faculty unity, and defending our contract.   I have served as English department co-chair; Liberal Arts senator; lead writer of the College’s reaccreditation documents, 2005 - 2007;  chair,  Academic Standards committee; media liaison and organizer, 2006 contract negotiations; and editor of The Harper Anthology.  I also received the Distinguished Faculty Award in 2007.  I look forward to collaborating with all faculty, to advance the work of our union. 
Lisa SmithMy name is Lisa Smith and I am honored to have the opportunity to join the faculty senate executive committee as a representative of Harper CTP faculty.  As a former Vice President for a Fortune 500 organization, I am excited to bring my experience in leadership and strategy to the faculty senate.  My leadership approach is focused on collaboration and continuous improvement, and the credibility and trustworthiness I possess will be critical to my new role.  I am confident that my credentials and experience will help David Richmond and our executive team continue to champion faculty rights and working conditions.
Grievance Officer 
Sunil Koswatta 
Bobby SummersI am asking for your vote for Senate Grievance Officer.  I am thrilled to be part of a team that has demonstrated experience combined with new perspectives.  With representation from both career and transfer faculty, David, Lisa, Jeannine, Andy, and I will be a team that works well together in these financial and political trying times for the union.  I have the training, abilities, and commitment to be an effective and dependable grievance officer on this team.  With this team, I promise you that we will always put the needs and interests of faculty first.
Andy KidwellWe have an energetic, skilled and well respected slate of candidates.   With career and transfer programs represented, this team will bring the right balance of previous successes and the change that is necessary to stay strong as a faculty union leadership team.  Just as all teachers are facing difficult issues, we face difficult issues on our campus.  There are certain to be challenges in the near term that will require the combination of both experience and the enthusiasm of new perspectives.  I would be honored to continue on the Senate Executive team as your Faculty Senate Treasurer for another term.
Alina PajtekAs Treasurer and Senate Executive Member, I will be committed to improving communication, providing equitable support to all faculty and departments, and unifying and empowering faculty as Union members. At Harper, I have taught ESL and Linguistics since 2011, and I have served on several committees, such as Academic Standards, Special Electives, and the Unity Committee; I have also worked on the Strategic Plan language, and served as chair of the International Studies and Programs Committee. I look forward to continuing to develop, together, a culture of inclusiveness, open discussion, and inquiry in the Senate. 
Kelly CoronadoAt Harper, I have taught for five years; as I recently went through the tenure process, I understand the needs of all faculty to feel included and fully supported.  I have also served on the International Studies Committee and have been the Advisor of the International Students’ Club. This experience has prepared me to develop an appreciation for different viewpoints and a desire to foster a culture of inclusiveness in the Senate.  As Secretary, I will function as liaison by posting Exec office hours to create a space for faculty to come and bring up issues.
Jeannine LombardiI am asking for your vote for Faculty Senate Secretary.   Over the last three years, as Secretary, I have worked diligently to advocate for the rights of all Harper faculty.  There are many challenges ahead of us; challenges that will require us to speak with one collective voice.  I believe that this team’s commitment to both faculty and students will help us, as a union, focus on inclusivity and equity.  Additionally, my recent CCCTU training in running an effective union on campus strengthens our team and makes me a strong candidate who will continue to advocate on your behalf.
Eight Senators-at-Large 
Anne AbasoloMy name is Anne Abasolo and I am a Counselor in Student Development.  I am asking for your vote this March for a Faculty at Large Senate seat.  I have 6 years of Faculty Senate Executive Board experience, 2 years as a Senator at Large, and am currently on the Faculty Negotiations Table Team.  Besides my experience, I have taken a labor studies course through the University of Illinois.  My commitment is to serve all Faculty.  As you look at the current election slate, please consider representation from all divisions as you cast your vote.  Thank you for the consideration.
Brian Cremins I am an Associate Professor of English and taught my first class here as a part-time faculty member in the summer of 2007. In 2008, I was hired as a full-time member of the English department. In the almost ten years that I have worked at Harper, I have grown as both a teacher and as a writer and would like to give back to the faculty community by advocating for their interests as a member of the Senate.
Patti Ferguson 
John Garcia 
James GramlichMy name is Jim Gramlich and I'm running for Senator at Large. I was a Divisional Senator from 2011 until 2015. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of representing faculty as Grievance Officer. In addition to my time in the Senate, I've served on the Negotiations Support Team, the President's Task Force for Employee Diversity and Inclusion, and the Academic Standards Committee. My commitment as Senator at Large is to protect working conditions for both Career and Transfer Program faculty through the maintenance of a strong and inclusive union. I ask for your vote and promise to represent you well.
Seema KurupThis semester, I will have completed my 17th year here. A long time ago (2006), in a galaxy far, far away (Breuder), I was elected as Lib Arts senator. Before this, I survived the strike in 2002, earned tenure in 2003, and was elected to serve as English Dept. co-chair (my real baptism by fire!). Also serving on the Tenure Committee, under extreme pressure to save jobs, those were not easy times. Arguably, hard times are ahead of us. I want you to know that I will fight, unequivocally and unwaveringly, for you all! That is my solemn vow.
 Tara MathienI have been a strong voice and advocate for our faculty since serving as a senator for the past two years. I have worked diligently to bring our faculty together, serving as co-chair of the Unity Committee this year. The work is far from done and we need senators that will stand for them and next to them in the tough times ahead. My commitment to campus life has provided me with experiences that will be valuable to this position. I would be honored to continue this work that needs to be done for the union and our faculty.
Pardess MitchellI have served as a senator for the last 6 years. I believe the role of a faculty senator is to represent the voices of my faculty members and share information being presented at meetings.  To promote and encourage communication on campus, I write ‘reflections’ from senate meetings and email them to all faculty after each meeting. I believe we all have to know what is going on to fully participate in our union. It has been a pleasure serving as a senator and I hope to be given the opportunity to continue serving as your senator.
Veronica MorminoI’m pleased to have the opportunity to run as a candidate for Senator at Large. I've worked on a wide variety of committees during my twelve years at Harper College.  This includes service as a former chair of both the Tenure Committee and the Promotions Committee. I consider myself to be pro faculty. If elected as a senator, I would bring fresh ideas and a new outlook to the role. I'd welcome the chance to listen to your opinions, and make sure that your concerns and views are heard by the Senate. I kindly ask for your vote.
Karen Patterson 
Stephany RimlandI will work to protect faculty rights and maintain the excellence of Harper’s academic reputation. Over my tenure as a member of the Faculty Senate, the Unity Committee, and the Professional Development Assessment Committee, I have advocated for academic freedom, the diversity of curricular options, and faculty unity. I have shared faculty perspectives on issues as varied as privatizing our campus resources and eroding our professional-development opportunities. These experiences have demonstrated my commitment to Harper faculty. You have my promise that I will continue to advocate for access to open communication, equity, and expanded resources for faculty development.
Brian Shelton 
Andrew Wilson 
HC Division Senator 
Leslye SmithI am the Coordinator of the Radiologic Technology Program, with a dual appointment in history. I have been at Harper since 1998, fulltime since 2004. I have had the privilege to serve as Senator-at-Large, and Senator representing Health Careers since 2009. Throughout my tenure here, I have continued to be a strong supporter of the College; the Faculty Senate, recently serving as Co-Chair of the Unity Committee; and delegate  to Local 1600 House of Delegates.  Being part of the Faculty Senate has demonstrated my commitment and dedication to the College. I will continue to provide support in the future.
RFL Division Senator 
Thomas Goetz
STU DEV Division Senator 
Kathy Hanahan
Two Tenure Committee Members 
David Antonides
Tong ChengI am Tong Cheng, associate professor in Biology. Please vote for me for tenure committee. Having supportive members in the tenure committee is essential, and I want to be part of that. I am very grateful to those who have helped me along the way since I joined Harper; it is my time to give back now. I have been a proud member of Faculty Senate committee since 2013; I have also served on the Honors Committee and the Divisional Promotional Committee. I am sincere and hardworking and hope to continue contributing to Harper as part of the tenure committee.
Theresa KongI’m interested in serving as a member of the Tenure Committee to maintain the integrity of a fair and important professional process that strengthens our faculty and college.  After coming to Harper College from a previously tenured position in Wisconsin that lost its tenure benefits, I am especially grateful for my current tenure.  I understand how critically important it is to other faculty, too, and I want to help to ensure that faculty voices and involvement are strongly represented through me as our college evolves over the next few years.
Pardess MitchellI have served as a senator for the last 6 years. I believe the role of a faculty senator is to represent the voices of my faculty members and share information being presented at meetings.  To promote and encourage communication on campus, I write ‘reflections’ from senate meetings and email them to all faculty after each meeting. I believe we all have to know what is going on to fully participate in our union. It has been a pleasure serving as a senator and I hope to be given the opportunity to continue serving as your senator.

CTP Institutional Promotions Committee Member 
Patrick BeachAs a Professor, I have 25+ years at the college with extensive experience in a wide variety of committees including Divisional and Institutional Promotions, Sabbatical, College Assembly, Technology, Senate Strike, Mentoring, New Faculty Committee, various Ad-Hoc, Curriculum & Board/Political Issues.  I held a variety of leadership offices in many off-campus business and community organizations.  My objective will be to assist faculty members applying for promotion while advocating for faculty in Committee deliberations.  I have long term relations with many of the principals involved in the Institutional Promotions process and can be an effective advocate for faculty.
Enrique D’Amico 
Kelly TaylorI want to serve the division, institution, and colleagues with my leadership and process skills, through the promotion process.  Having been the Curriculum Chair this past year, I know how important procedures are.  I will remind you of your deadlines and be your ally through the process.  Attention to detail is key!  Through my work in Learning Communities, I have also supported faculty. I have gone through the promotions twice and I will support you through your promotions goals.  I pride myself in being fair and just and look to improve people.  I support you and all of your achievements.
LIB ARTS Institutional Promotions Committee Member 
Stephanie Horton
Karen Patterson 
RFL Institutional Promotions Committee Member 
Christine Kuffel 
STU DEV Institutional Promotions Committee Member 
 Kathy Hanahan