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Tenure Committee


Harper College

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Data Sheet


Tenure Committee




            The purpose of this committee is to review annually the dossier of each nontenured 

            faculty member and to make recommendations to the president of the College related

            to a probationary  or tenured appointment for the subsequent academic year.




            A.        To initiate the tenure review process each year and communicate to the entire

                        faculty the yearly timetable.


            B.         To make recommendations consistent with the charge.


            C.        To serve as a resource to faculty regarding status and interpretation of Chapter122,

                        Article III-B of the Illinois Public Community College Act and Article III-M of the

                        Collective bargaining Agreement as they relate to tenure.


            D.        To maintain records of tenure status of faculty.


            E.         To review annually the tenure recommendation process.





                        Seven (7) tenured faculty members elected at-large in an election conducted by the Faculty



            TERM OF SERVICE:

                        Three-year staggered terms; a person may be reelected after a one-year break in service.



                        Chairperson and secretary elected by committee members before the end of spring






                        Reorganizes each year by September 1.  Meeting called and convened by the newly elected                      chairperson.


                        As needed.  Meetings to be scheduled and announced one week in advance.



                        Time to be decided based on schedules of tenure committee members.

                        Location for tenure file review:  A302



                        Meetings require five (5) persons to be in attendance.  All substantive actions of the                                  committee will require approval of a majority of full membership.




            A.        All discussions at meetings concerning candidates for tenured appointments will be held in                       confidence by committee members.


B.        The dossier for each candidate provided to the committee will include the person’s application for employment, the Board appointment, official transcripts, and student evaluations, peer reviews, self reviews, and dean evaluations.


C.        The committee will use as guidelines for its recommendations the criteria contained in Sections 11.02.01 through 11.02.09 of the Board of Trustees Policy manual as amended January 23, 2002.


            D.        The committee will notify the non-tenured faculty member of the contents of the dossier

                        being reviewed prior to committee’s deliberations and decisions.  The committee will

                        notify the faculty member of its recommendation. 


            E.         The committee may employ interviews with faculty or administrators for clarification of                            the evaluative data. 


            F.         The following procedure will be followed to insure appropriate communication between

                         the President and the Tenure Committee:

1.         The Tenure Committee forwards recommendations to the President.

2.         After receiving the Tenure Committee’s recommendations, the President may involve the appropriate Vice President for input/feedback on the recommendations.

3.         If the President concurs with the Committee’s recommendations, the President will forward a letter to the Committee, in hard copy, sharing his plan to forward a recommendation to the Board.

4.         If the President does not concur with the Committee’s recommendations, the President will ask the appropriate Vice President to go back to the Tenure Committee to share feedback and to discuss the matter.  Following, the Vice President will share feedback from the meeting with the President.  The President will then forward his decision to the Tenure Committee, in hard copy.  If further discussion with the President is requested, the President will meet with the Committee before forwarding his recommendations to the Board.

5.         The President will forward his recommendation on tenure to the Board of Trustees.



            G.        Recommendations are based on a majority vote of committee membership.


            H.        No one evaluative measure shall be given disproportionate weight.









            By August 25              Committee Organizational Meeting


            By September 1          Forward to president of College the appointment recommendations on all                                                   first year nontenured faculty hired in mid-year.


            By December 1           Forward to president of College the appointment recommendations on all                                                   nontenured faculty other than first year nontenured faculty.


            By February 15           Forward to president of College the appointment recommendations of all

                                                 first year nontenured faculty.


            By May 1                    Forward to president of College the appointment recommendations of all

                                                nontenured faculty hired in mid-year other than first year nontenured



            By May 1                    Prepare annual report and identify all nontenured faculty for subsequent

                                                academic year.




            Minutes of all meetings are maintained.  Official correspondence shall come from the chairperson

             of the committee.




            All minutes, correspondence, and documentation will be maintained by the current committee chairperson.  The annual report is to be submitted to the President of the College and the Faculty Senate President.


Date Prepared:              June 26, 1984

Dates Modified:  May 9, 1989

                            August, 1992

                            April, 1999

                            September 13, 2000

                            May 9, 2007